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What is Xtraweb Design or Development?

Xtraweb in partnership with Xtrathemes of 2021 and has more than 28500 happy clients, our WordPress themes are made by Codevz  and Xtraweb diverse skilled design and programming teams with more than 25 years of experience in WordPress theme and plugin development.

Xtraweb CEO/Head Developer is Raymond  Doherty who  lives and works in County Clare, Ireland. Ray quickly learned how to hand code HTML web sites with “Notepad” in 1997 at the beginning of the “Ennis Information Age Town”. His curiosity & experimentation with PHP & HTML led him down a path on the WWW to becoming a WordPress Expert. Ray has also worked in Graphic Design for print, utilizing Adobe Creative Suite, and in 2005 worked freelance for Genworth Finance, Shannon on a variety of In-House projects.


There is lots of “PLUS+” with Xtraweb & Partners

  • Very lightweight & fast
  • SEO Inclusive
  • Free SSL Inclusive (on Xtraweb hosting)
  • Fully Customizable to your business
  • 200 OPEN SOURCE pre-made template blocks
  • 90+ pre-built websites for many business models
  • Regular “Theme Updates”
  • 24/7 Friendly support
Does Xtraweb Provide Hosting?

Yes We Do…
WordPress Hosting on SSD
Lightning-Fast SSD

Our 100% SSD powered, lightning-fast storage cluster provides faster performance and page speed for your website.
WordPress Optimised PHP Settings
Optimised PHP 7.3
Pre-configured PHP 7.3 with PHP-FPM + OPcache. Our customisable default PHP.ini configuration is suitable for most websites.
Free Daily Backups
We take daily backups to ensure your WP Installation, website files and database remains safe and secure.
100% Network Uptime
The uptime of your WordPress website is essential. So we provide 100% network uptime; guaranteed as standard.
Free SSL Certificates
Free LetsEncrypt SSL

A free SSL certificate for every domain on our platform; keep your visitor’s data secure using our FREE automatic LetsEncrypt SSL Cert.
UK WordPress Experts
Our superior UK support team are highly trained and available to support you with your WordPress site around the clock.

What is 24/7 Maintenance?

24/7 Maintenance Is:
Managed WordPress Hosting means that the technical aspects of running WordPress are taken care of for you using our automated toolkit, and our regular  “Daily Human Inspections”. Please Note: We are responsible for maintaining your website, themes and plugins regularly

What about plugins?
Our themes & packages come with the latest version of WordPress configured for you out of the box., which we also update on a regular basis.

We also include a few helpful “WordPress Essentials” for you. These are plugins we think you will find useful and will give you a good starting point to success with your new WordPress website.
The plugins included in the WordPress Essentials pack are as follows:

Secret Admin login
WP Super Cache
Xtraweb SEO
Contact Form 7
Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

How Secure is my WordPress?

How Secure is WordPress?
WordPress is a common platform for websites, and as a result, it’s targeted by hackers and malware. We take steps to make sure that  your WordPress site is safe & secure:

We Use strong passwords and a hidden wp-admin area of your WordPress installation.
Keep your WordPress core installation, theme and plugins updated.
Maintain a regular backup of your WordPress site.
We use a WordPress Security Plugin to help prevent attacks.

If you have any questions about keeping your WordPress site secure, then please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to advise you.

Do I Have a Back Up of My site?

Back ups
Yes, we take regular (Daily) backups of our entire hosting platform ensuring we have a complete backup should you require a restore for any reason.